Editors 2010

Douglas Fenech

The man in question is writing this description himself (nobody else will) but has opted for a third person perspective to add a bit of pomposity and perhaps, professionalism to a most humble of biographical profiles.

After studying and living in the likes of Canada, Malta, England and the Netherlands, and visiting a number of other European nations, Douglas has played witness to a mixture of different cultures of which he has rejected all. He has decided to remain himself uncultured, and instead report on those who are.

He is a man of simple interests with ‘pebble throwing’ and ‘reading plosive words’ ranking highly on his list of hobbies. He is a man with terrible hearing. But ultimately, he is a man.

Erin Gurski

“A Canadian from the Capital city of Ottawa, Erin is one of three North Americans in this year’s program. She is currently in her 3rd year of journalism studies at Carleton University in Ottawa and loves every minute of it. She decided to apply for the Utrecht Hogeschool exchange because she always enjoys visiting Europe and the chance to live there was just too tempting! An avid student of history, she wants to take in as much of it as possible as Europe is the stage on which most of the action in the history books took place. She hopes to visit 13 countries while on exchange, including exploring the Netherlands of course!

When she’s not chasing a source for a story or questioning each and every person she’s met in Europe about their hometowns, Erin enjoys listening to any kind of music she can sing to, reading, writing, biking and hiking. Her favourite subjects are history, english and anything arts related. Erin hopes to eventually work as a foreign correspondent for CBC so she can continue to travel the world and explore all of its wonders. What has she missed most about Canada so far? Her family and friends, the snow and the Winter Olympics!”

Arrate Illaro

Arrate Illaro Extebarria was born in Bilbao 21 years ago. She is studying Audiovisual Communication at the University of Basque Country but she also likes to travel which is why she moved to Utrecht for 5 months. She really loves culture and wants to get to know the world with all it’s different people and cultures. In order to do this, she needs to improve her English (which is hard work!).

As mentioned above, one of her passions is culture and her dream is to travel and record documentaries about the many different and exciting ethnicities. But after all her work is done she wants to return home to the country where she grew up. Why? Because Basque Country is a beautiful, wonderful and amazing place with amazing people, language and traditions. She can also not speak about herself without mentioning that another one of her biggest passions is “Bertsolaritza”, a tradition which no one outside her country knows (don’t worry, you can find it in Wikipedia). But apart from that she is a normal girl. She likes going out with her friends, going to the cinema, traveling, playing sports and all those normal things. Oh, and the sea, she really loves the sea. There is nothing more relaxing than contemplating the sea on a spring afternoon!

Miriam Kramer

When Miriam isn’t traipsing around Europe, she’s a student at the University of Tennessee in the USA learning about how to be a science writer.

She has been writing about science from the time she got to college and hopes to continue well into the future.  Back home in Knoxville, Miriam writes and edits for TNJN.com, a news website run through her college. Her interests include all things science and travel.

By the time she returns to the United States after this crazy adventure, she will have visited 7 countries and plenty more cities. She is the art director and “Modern Fine Arts” section editor for the 2010 edition. She hopes you enjoy our work!

Stefanie Lambrechts

Stefanie studies Journalism in Mechelen , Belgium. Before that she studied theatre in Leuven, and this is still her biggest passion. She
likes to play herself, but also loves to go watch and write critics. Actually theatre and journalism have a lot in comment. They both tell stories of people. Stefanie believes that every story should be told. It doesn’t matter how, as long as it’s been sent into the world. A untold story is a life that dies.

She has worked for a couple of years for OXFAM. That is where her interest in the rest of the world grew. Especially the 3th world is something she likes to write about. She thinks that there should be a lot more information and writing about the ‘unpopular’ countries. Her dream is to visit all these countries, and to come home with unknown stories, stories that can move people here to help where it’s needed.

Iñaki Larrañaga

My name is Iñaki Larrañaga and I am a student from the Basque Country. Basque? Well, this is too long story to write about in this text so if you prefer you can say that I am Spanish. Anyone can ask me about this and it is would be a pleasure to talk about it. Leaving that topic behind, I have been studying Radio and Television Communication at the University of the Basque Country as well as working in the media, particularly on the radio and in a newspaper. My life may not seem really exciting but I also enjoy. I like sports (football!), cinema, politics (weird, isn´t it?) and also video games. Of course, I really enjoy going out with friends and drinking, if possible, beer.

But let´s talk about journalism. I am really interested about the role of media and its effects on the minds of people, also called Mass Communication. I think its impossible to report objectively, or with the real truth and I accept that all information is mainly an opinion, an interpretation of the reality. In Spain media is called the forth power. That´s why I think that many historical events had some media interference. We could be speaking about the Berlin Wall or about the Iraq War. It´s obvious that I am really concerned about this them,e so I would really like to get deeper into the issue. And what about the European Identity? Is it possible? Maybe necessary? And what are the results this can have in individual states? What about the nations without a state, like for example, the Basque Country? I hope some of these questions will be resolved in this European Journalism and European Culture programme.

Susi Lehrner

This is Susi. She grew up in Vienna, the capital of Austria, and is 23 years old. She is studying the bachelor programme Communication Science at the University of Vienna, which will be finished after her semester in Utrecht.
Before she began to study Journalism, she finished the Bachelor in Sportsmanagement. This was very interesting, but acutally not the field, she wants to work in. Her whole life, Susi was very sporty, which was the reason, why she worked as an aerobic instructor for 2 years. Now she is working as a texter for a catalogue, which offers books. In fall, she did an internship at the austrian public broadcasting television company ORF for 3 months.

Her hobbies are reading, writing, chatting with friends, traveling, drinking coffee and of course doing sports. As you can see, she has a lot of interests and hobbies, but in fact her real passion is writing. Somewhere in the future, her biggest ambition is to write a novel, but until then she wants to work as a journalist for a newspaper or magazine.

Lars Hagen Petersen

“Just a few months ago, Lars Hagen Petersen, 26, marched around in boots and uniform as a conscript in the Danish army. In this unfamiliar territory, he learned to shoot a rifle, patch up bullet wounds and make it through an obstacle course alive. Lars also did a lot of push-ups on cold asphalt.

Normally, this down to earth kinda guy lives a more peaceful life in Copenhagen, Denmark, one of the world’s most liveable cities. He enjoys jogging in the woods, listening to public radio and is also quite a fan of the European Union.
Thus, he has a bachelor in EU-studies and lived in Brussels for six months, covering European politics for the Danish News Agency. In Brussels, he had time to spend time on one of his other interest: Belgian beer”.

Jolanta Truchanowicz

While smoking my first joint eight years ago, behind the gym in my home city in Poland, I didn’t think that I would be ever living in the country of this jolly green.  Now it is the fact, although I don’t smoke this shit anymore.

In my life everything happens by accident. As the youngest of my parents’ four children I was born by accident. Nevertheless, I have never missed love and care. When I got 18, after I finished secondary school I left my home country. On my own I went to discover Europe. Can you imagine this feeling, when you leave your nest for the first time as a young bird? In principle you cannot fly, you cannot hunt, you don’t know what lurks in the jungle of extraneous world. But you are free… this feeling was the most beautiful in my life.

My freedom brought me to Belgium, the country where people speak very weird language and drink a lots of beer. I learned this weird language. I felt kind of familiar with those people and after a while I decided to plan my life there… but my strategy of doing a career in East European studies fell down after one semester, obviously I am not good at it.  On my next step, journalism I didn’t even think for one day. I registered for that program completely spontaneously. I realized it’s been always my destiny.

Life is brutal. But every time I fall down I am prepared to get up again. During last six years I learned how to deal with it.  Being far away from home is not easy but I am not the only one who struggles for better future.
I have no well-rounded plan for the future. I allow my lot to fly with the wind!  I believe everyone has somewhere a piece of space in this jungle. I am sure my drift didn’t finish yet, no in Belgium neither in The Netherlands.

Jenny Wittauer

This is Jenny Wittauer from Austria. Jenny is 22 years old and has two sisters. Actually she was born in Salzburg but for studying she moved to Vienna and she really likes it there. Jenny studies Communication Science at the University of Vienna for three and a half years now. Jenny always wanted to study for a while abroad to meet new people and experience a new way of studying. She decided to go to the Netherlands to improve her English.

In her free time Jenny likes to go out and meet her friends but she also enjoys staying at home for relaxing, listening to music, reading a good book or watching some of her favourite TV-shows. She is also really into watching sports like football, skiing, Formula 1 or ice hockey. Her favourite football-team is Red Bull Salzburg and she often goes to a football match. In her future she wants to become a sports journalist and she would like to interview some football players from Red Bull Salzburg.


Nora van den Heuvel

Last year Nora went away to Italy to live there for a few months and to learn to speak Italian. It was a longtime dream of her to go abroad and live a total different life. Why Italy? The food, the beautiful language and the men, but mostly the food. Meeting new cultures has also been something she really liked while she lived in Siena and Florence.

It was so much fun meeting different people from many countries in Italy that she’s decided to continue this path by signing up for the EC&EJ minor. Within a meltin pot of different cultures from all over the world she represents the Netherlands. As a born and raised Dutch cow girl she enjoys eating cheese and jog pass the wind mills of Kinderdijk.

Next year she hopes to finish her studies at the Hogeschool Utrecht and start a new adventure. She doesn’t know where the wind will take her, but she hopes the place will be warm, sunny and full of interesting people and cultures.

Lotte Gerritse

This is Lotte, a 20 year old girl from the Netherlands!  Her biggest hobbies are smiling, writing and meeting new people. With her best friend she travels through Europe and talks to people everywhere.

She studies journalism at Hogeschool Utrecht, where she welcomes all the other Editors, together with Dutchies Nora and Lennaert. She’s in her third year and hopes to end up at a fashion magazine like ELLE or Vogue when she’s finished.

You can often find her lost in a book and she loves to dance to indie music. She really hopes she can stay in touch with her other editors when they left the lovely Netherlands. She’s gonna miss them.

Lennaert Rooijakkers

Lennaert (23) decided to join the program students ’cause of his love for culture and travelling. Being raised with holidays at every major European cultural hotspots, he got in touch with it at a young age and believes it highly influenced his later interests in life.

One of his other major interests is music, and Lennaert worked as reviewer for a while before his need for travelling stopped it from him and forced him to go studying in South Africa for a while. Other interest are, surprisingly, football, drinking beer, reading cycling and hanging out with friends and family.

What the future will bring for him is still uncertain. He prefers to do a Masters after finishing his BA in Journalism…Or he might just go find a job..Or takes off in the next plane to an exotic destination..Or just something completely different.