Darkness Into Light

As, you’d enter the exhibition by the project class of the Photocenter Gilberto Bosques of the Adult Evening Classes in Berlin-Friedrichsdin-Kreuzberg there was an uncanny resemblance as to the theme of the exhibition.
Darkness and light played a centrifugal role in the entire, seemingly uncanny but to the trained eye would certainly delight.
The light and darkness from the windows added to the hollow effect surrounding the photographs that were the epicenter of attraction.
Few souls filled the room and yet not a single whisper, silently moving on admiring the photographs and being mystified by the silent words that were spoken.
The exhibition revolved around “Photography: Painting with light”.
Photographers at this exhibition were tasked with creating their images keeping in minds the elements of light, time and space.
The main theme was, light is seen to be this force of nature which brings warmth and safety to the soul, the effect of light surrounding is that which in a sense considered to be positive as opposed to darkness which is considered to either signify a period of bad times.
“The light of Enlightenment dispels the dark Middle Ages, the light of spring ends the winter and means a fresh start, light represents transparency and openness”.
Proverbially speaking, light is what gets you to seek and accept the truth, when the light of God shines upon you, you know the world is calm and there will be peace.
The pictures depicted this, it showed the dark history of Berlin but it is also allowed room for the developments and life of the citizens.
Some of the pictures were as simple as though a self-portrait of the artist or in this case the photographer himself.
In others, it showed the simplicity of the Berlin life or the fast moving pace of the vibrant city.
Perspective plays a major role in this exhibition, as to person who walked in to this exhibition blindly it would be boring and mundane.
But to understand the meaning of this photo, changes the light in which you really would look at it, each photograph no matter how simple, would make you look twice for a better look to understand the subtle meaning behind these wonderfully clicked photographs.
The play on light and the shapes are truly what adds greater beauty to these photographs and they simply become more than photographs, this can be argued but they too can be seen as pieces of art.
The photographs are described to, “Form the images of the body without being physically present”, and that is truly what they are.
But there is more to it than what simply meets the eye.
Darkness and light being opposing ‘figures’ with light being considered holy and filled with good while darkness being the realm of evil, but don’t be mistaken light could also blind you and at times you could manipulate far than you could ever imagine whereas darkness is also a source of comfort, you sleep in the dark and enter of world of dreams filled with peace and hints of “ecstasy”.
The images exhibited were taken between May 2017 and February 2018 and was exhibited from March 30th to April 8th 2018, it was all done under the artistic direction of Thomas Michalak.

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