Haus Schwarzenberg

Artists and art lovers from all over the world have made the city of Berlin as we know it today, gathering together in different communities to create a colourful cultural and artistic atmosphere. Since 1989, the creativity of the city of Berlin has not stopped. All the organised communities had the same aim: to change the world using art as the instrument.

Berlin is, therefore, described as a creative city, meaning that many sub-cultural artists develop their art in its streets, old factories and galleries. Even though it has suffered some drastic changes during the recent years, it still remains as one of the Europe’s most important cultural capitals.
Berlin remains one of the most open minded European capitals due to its creative and cultural variety. However, the establishing of new initiatives to preserve the essence of the city is crucial. If not, it could become just another European city.
Steffano, currently working in The Factory in Berlin, believes that Berlin is not only a German city but an international city. According to him, the creative industry is a give and take thing which creates a creative environment for everyone as there is a place for every single person. This is thanks to the many hotspots situated in the city.
Haus Schwazenberg is one of them. A historical, cultural and artistic hub situated in the Hackescher Markt area, Haus Schwarzenberg is a lively alley with different facilities such as studios, cinema, memorials, bar and galleries. The works exhibited are changed on a weekly basis, making the alley and street view unique every seven days. Thanks to the work of Schwanzenberg, the house has become a vibrant venue for art, culture and history, open to countless visitors and collaborators. Visitors look amazed when entering the house: “It is an explosion of art needed to be visited while a stay in Berlin.”
Since 1995, the Schwarzenberg Association has been a driving force for independent culture. The association is responsible of providing a viable structure as it is a non-profit organisation. Donations can be done via internet or in person. Apart from managing and renting the land, the association gives young and unknown artists at place to express their art. Rebecca Lilliecrona, part of the communication comitee said: “we offer affordable spaces for artist and creatives to produce and show the work”.
The Neurotitan gallery stands at the centre of the association’s work. Schwarzenberg promotes unconventional art through the supply of bright and beautiful presentation spaces in one of the most-popular locations in the city. Across 300 square meters of bright gallery space, mainly young and still unknown artists exhibit their works and projects. Performances, book presentations and small concerts, as well as cooperations with festivals bring varied guests to the gallery.
Not only the visitors but the artists also find this place magical. Ema Ema Ema, a Serbian music artist said she loved to exhibit in the House as it is not like a normal fancy gallery. For her, the energy the place transmits is the key of the success of the organisation. She also gives a lot of credit to the freedom that artists have when working in here.
Pablo Ia, an artist working for the Belio magazine describes the Haus Schwarzenberg as a perfect place to begin to discover Berlin. “It is one of the best examples of a mixture between something underground, something beautifully rotten and a must visit place for any person interested in alternative culture”, he said. The main attraction, from his point of view, is that it is an easy going and very interesting place. “There is no many places like that”.
The street art exhibited in the alley will catch the attention and thoughts of everyone who enters right from the start. The Haus Schwarzenberg will make everyone lose track of time as every single post is worth looking at. A peculiar space for artists that really appreciate the work of the Schwarzenberg organization. A space full of power, joy and emotions that must be felt.
Not an easy alley to find but it is amazing to discover. The bright colours of the walls, the little lamps hanging from the branches and the welcoming atmosphere are a sensational feeling that will make the visit to Berlin an unforgettable experience.