Masthead 2012

 Hillary Lutes — Editor-in-chief

Hillary Lutes is an inherently cheap journalist-in-training at Carleton University         in Ottawa, Canada. She is a die-hard fan of stroopwafels, old gouda cheese, and double espressos. She is a shamelessly nosy news junkie with experience writing for her school newspaper and freelancing for several magazines. Her goals include eating her way around the world and procuring a paying job one day.


Mitch Vandenborn – Editor-in-chief 

Mitch Vandenborn is entering his final year of the Bachelor of Journalism program at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Born and raised surrounded by endless cornfields in rural southwestern Ontario, Mitch entertained himself with books and LEGO until his family got a home PC and a dial-up internet connection. Since then, he’s been a complete online junkie; a good bad habit to have in today’s social and information obsessed world. Mitch allocates too much of his time to sports, RSS feeds and searching for beautiful stationery.

For the European Culture Magazine, Mitch travelled to Glasgow to research the interaction between arts and local government. He was surprised by the incredible way undercurrents and tensions in Scottish society interact with one another and how unified people can become around a common cause. Mitch was also taken aback by the amount of rain and wind in Glasgow, but coming from the Netherlands, he won’t hold it against the place. 

Natalie Ast — Multimedia Producer

When Natalie turned three years old, she put on a pair of high heels for the first time. Even though they were eight sizes too big, nothing stopped her. And so, her love of fashion began. Instead of watching quality children’s programming on PBS, her parents fostered this young fascination with fashion by watching Fashion Television together every Sunday.  “I am going to be like her,” Natalie said, referring not to a young Kate Moss, but to the charismatic host of the fashion journalism program.

And here she is, a broadcast journalism student from Ryerson University. In her first year of higher education, she started a blog, nataliastyle, which has grown into a daily source of her style, reviews and fashion events.

This past January, Natalie left her home in Toronto and packed up four suitcases and only 5 per cent of her wardrobe and headed to the Netherlands for an exchange at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences.

Natalie has added Amsterdam Fashion Week to a list of experiences, as well as checking out the emerging fashion scenes in Berlin and Rome, and the established fashion meccas, Paris and Milan.

With a strong interest in broadcast media and the internet, she spends most of the day tweeting and blogging if she’s not out hunting for the perfect pair of high heels.

David Meffe — Artistic Director

David was born in snowy Montreal, Canada where he lived and studied in English and French for many years. At the age of 19 he moved to Ottawa to study Journalism, History and English Literature at Carleton University in the nation’s capital.

In 2012, in need of a change of scenery, he enrolled in the Hogeschool Utrecht’s European Culture and European Journalism program and set off for the Netherlands. There, he discovered the beauty of Dutch culture and the thrill of low-budget European travel.

David has worked as an editor at three different student newspapers as well as having interned at the National Campus and Community Radio Association and The Montreal Gazette.

In his spare time, David enjoys playing music, cooking, reading and performing with his band “The Red Carnations.” He is co-president of Carleton’s Journalists for Human Rights chapter and active member of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity.

He now lives in Rwanda, working as a newsroom intern at City Radio in downtown Kigali.

Megan Dolski — Copy Editor

On one of the first days of the EC&EJ program, students were given a handout with a quote that read, “No degree is going to teach you about any society or its people until you live, eat and sleep with them.” Megan thinks that whoever said that was right. She has made an effort to immerse herself in all aspects of every city she’s reported in while in Europe—it’s been fun, and she’s learned so much doing it.

Megan isn’t quite sure what could possibly be more exciting than finding a job that lets her travel, meet people, discover their stories and then share them—so, she’s thinking she picked the right career.

After graduating from her stint at the HU, she’ll be headed back to Montreal, Canada to finish her final year of journalism studies at Concordia University, where she is jointly specializing in print and broadcast journalism.

Kathryn Weatherly - Copy Editor

Kathryn Weatherley started her journalism career in high school writing for her school’s magazine. She is a student at Ryerson University in Canada, and will finish off her bachelor of journalism in 2013. Kathryn is currently on an exchange in the Netherlands and is taking the Europe Culture and European Journalism course offered at the Hogeschool Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. She has greatly enjoyed experiencing what it is like to report in a foreign country, and the opportunity to travel around Europe. As well as being a contributing writer for this online magazine, Kathryn is also a copy editor.

Nerea Egia Cotera – Reporter

Nerea Eguia is a 20 years old Spanish journalism student from Bilbao. She is currently studying her fourth year at the public university of the Basque Country. Her curiosity for everything from a very young age and the constant need of having to communicate with the others are the main reasons why she has decided to go into the exciting world of journalism. Nerea believes that is not the end of journalism, a new era starts where young people have the power to change every way of communication.

She choose Budapest for her reporting trip as the social and cultural scene in Hungary is going through a huge change and being part of it as well as trying to portray it has been a wonderful experience.

Even if she loves writing, especially fiction novels, she really likes the art of telling a story using corporal expression and making any little story a legendary odyssey.
Taking into account that the radio program that Nerea used to record in her old radio cassette or the theater performances that she made to her parents aren´t any proper journalistic experience, she has barely worked on journalism. But at the moment she is having her internship on a big newspaper in Bilbao called: “El Correo”.


Zdravka Uzunova — Reporter

Zdravka Uzunova is originally from Bulgaria. For her bachelor degree she chooses the United Kingdom, where she moved to after finishing high school. In her second year of Multimedia Journalism at Canterbury Christ Church, followed by her passion for travelling and new adventures, she enrolled in an Erasmus Programme in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

During her period in the Netherlands, because of her passion for exploring new cultures and places, she also had the chance to visit Germany and Belgium, which both fascinated her and left an impression.

After this valuable experience she gained during her exchange programe, Zdravka is going back to Bulgaria where she will have her internship in a local TV channel in her hometown. Right after that, year three of her degree and the United Kingdom will wait for her return with new ideas and plans.

Andreea Alexandru — Reporter

As much as Andreea loves her country, Romania, since she left it to study in UK, the word that describes her is “international”.  Two years ago, while she was preparing to finish Performing Arts high school, a career in journalism came out of the blue, like the idea of studying somewhere outside Dracula’s country. Choosing Multimedia Journalism at Canterbury Christ Church University was the first step towards the career of international journalist.

“In UK I am from Romania; in The Netherlands I am from UK; during my reporting trips in Berlin and Bilbao I was from The Netherlands. That’s why I prefer to think I am a little bit from everywhere, a place that I want to make bigger and bigger over the years.”

Coming to Utrecht to study European Culture & European Journalism – maybe the best decision she ever made. Although interested in politics and public affairs, you cannot be a professional without a huge backpack of knowledge and you cannot become an international journalist without doing international reporting. That’s what she said.

“My plans for the future? I first need to finish my degree and after I want to work and save money for some good internships around the world and do that for two or three years. I also want to learn German and Dutch meanwhile, so I can increase my chances to be admitted at the Master degree I want to follow in Denmark/The Netherlands.”

Nicole Clark – Reporter

Nicole Clark has reported on everything from women’s hockey to community news to music. Nicole’s first journalism job was covering the 2010 Winter Olympics Games in her hometown of Vancouver. She has since written for Black Press publications The New Westminster News Leader and The Burnaby News Leader, which have a combined readership of over 15,000. She has also written for many of Ryerson University’s publications, including: The Eyeopener, The Ryerson Free Press and McLung’s Magazine. Additionally she has served as a junior news editor at The Commerce Times. Nicole has highly enjoyed her semester abroad and looks forward to returning to Toronto for her last year at Ryerson University’s School of Journalism.