Masthead 2013


Rebecca Ananda – Editor in chief
Rebecca is a native of Vancouver, Canada. She’s backpacked solo through the Middle East, South East Asia, South America, India and Europe. She wrote and published a book about her experiences traveling in the Middle East, her travel writing has also appeared on the Huffington Post and excerpts of her writing have been published in the Canadian Theatre Review. She has a diploma in Theatre Arts (Acting) from Studio 58 in Vancouver and is completing a Bachelor of Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter @RebeccaAnanda or on Instagram at sat_cit_ananda.

Paula Koski – Editor in chief
Paula Koski is a final year journalism student and a fashion lover from Helsinki, Finland. After several inspirational trips to the Netherlands the decision of enrolling in to the exchange program in Hogeschool Utrecht wasn’t hard to make.
Paula has worked as an intern in one of Finland’s most valued and biggest news companies MTV3. During her internship she got a lot of experience working with online news, but she also made news clips for both radio and TV-news. After her internship Paula has worked with lifestyle journalism focusing on the fields of food, travel and real estate – so far.
Paula travelled to Berlin, her favourite city of all time, to make her articles about fashion. If everything goes well, her next step after graduation is to move to Berlin and get Master’s degree in Sustainability in Fashion programme. In the future Paula wants to work with fashion journaslim, marketing and PR, and in the meantime she posts fashion notes to her new blog BON CHIC BON GENRE. You can also follow Paula on Twitter.

Sophie Cairns – Editor in chief
Sophie Cairns is a DIT journalism student with an interest in writing and production. She gets a buzz working with InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator to design paper and magazine pages. She’s also big into designing and contributing to web pages, using various pieces of software.
Someone that enjoys working in a team, she’s also capable of working to her own initiative. At college, she’s often selected for the leadership roles, and in 2nd year completed DIT’s LEAD Module.
As Editor in Chief of Cultour Magazine, Sophie created the website, managed the content and set up social networking media.
Currently, Sophie writes voluntarily for The Edition,,, and META Magazine, but she’s eager to get some professional experience in writing and some shadowing work in design.
Check out her website, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

Silvia Cantera – Art director
Silvia Cantera is an ambitious journalist who was born in Bilbao, Spain, 22 years ago. She started studying her degree in the University of the Basque Country and she finished it in the Hogeschool Utrecht, in the Netherlands. Her curiosity is one of the reasons why she loves travelling and she would like to combine it with his pasion of writing stories.
In 2012, she has made an internship for Cuatro and Telecinco, two of the most important tv channels in Spain. Now, she writes a weekly article in a web page about Athletic Club, the football team of Bilbao, where she has also worked as a photographer. It is the first step to make her childhood dream come true; being a sport journalist. Nowadays, she wouldn´t mind to work in other kind of sections, like culture or local, for example news.
If you need more information, do not hesitate to follow her on Twitter or contact to her by email ()

Marissa Tiel Dederer – Art director
Marissa Tiel Dederer is a student journalist and photographer from Canada. While she calls the Rocky Mountains home, Dederer studies in Toronto, Ont. She has worked for two semesters as a photo editor with Ryerson Campus newspaper, the Eyeopener and worked as a photo editor for during the London 2012 Olympics.
When she is finished school, Dederer would like to be a long-form magazine writer and a photographer.
She blogs about her travels and posts photos on her photography portfolio. Dederer is also on Twitter.

Lisa Leysen – Art director
Lisa Leysen is a 23-year-old journalism student and she studies at Howest University College in Kortrijk, Belgium. She did an internship at BBC Voices in Norwich, UK and had a great chance to work on her skills there. Music is her passion and she loves going to concerts. She’s also the head editor of Rock Metal Punk magazine.

Roos van Tongeren – Art director
Roos is a 21-year-old student of journalism who was born and raised in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. There she had the best youth you can imagine, but at her 18th it was time to fly out to Utrecht. Her passion for culture and meeting international students came together in the ECEJ program in her hometown. During the programme she discovered that there is more to being Dutch than windmills and wooden shoes; for example the bread, candyshops and the use of traffic lights.
During her studies, Roos did some freelance jobs in her hometown and she worked for several websites where she combined her love for festivals and writing. In summertime you can find her at the theatre festival ‘De Parade’, where she travels between the four big cities of The Netherlands.
Emma Ruth Bider
Emma Bider is a third year Journalism and African studies student at Carleton University Ottawa, Canada. She has worked as an intern at the non-governmental organization Partnership Africa Canada and will be working as an intern at the Canadian Broacasting Corporation’s London England office in July. Emma wants to work in international reporting.
She can be found on her blog and on Twitter.

Samantha Bos
Samantha (Sam) was born and bred in The Netherlands, but quickly flew the nest to get a taste of the outside world. At the young age of 17 Sam hopped on a plane to Peru to learn Spanish. When she was 18 she moved to England to find out if the grass is really greener on the other side of the Northern Sea – surely one would expect it with all the rain? She fell in love with the typical English way of life: sunday roasts, strolls in the countryside and of course prince Harry. At 19, another adventure loomed on the horizon: Sam went backpacking through Europe and eventually ended up in Paris working as a project manager for a global telecommunications company. Yes, she loved the croissants, red wine and enjoyed her job that was full of responsibility – yet something was missing. She decided to follow her heart and take gamble by starting all over – back in the Netherlands studying journalism, her real passion. Now Sam is 24, has gained loads of experience in written press – including an internship on the entertainment section of a national newspaper – and is engaged to the Dutch man of her dreams. Aspiring a career in entertainment news – she hopes her future will be just as adventurous as her past. Contact Sam via her LinkedIn profile.

Sofia Ekstam
Sofia was born 22 years ago in the city of Porvoo (Borgå in Swedish) 50 kilometres east of Helsinki, Finland. In her first year of school she was one of the last pupils to learn how to read, but when she did, she wouldn’t stop. Although she mostly read Sweet Valley novels (with all the spinn-off series) all trough lower secondary school, she soon discovered the true magic of reading a really good book. The passion for literature never faded, and when it was time to choose a field of study at the university, Sofia couldn’t think of anything better than comparative literature at Åbo Akademi University. And that is where she started, but after one year she decided to try another, a bit more practical oriented dream subject; journalism. So she moved to the capital of Finland to study journalism at Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki. And that is where she is now.
European Culture and European Journalism was the perfect exchange program for Sofia, combining her two favourite fields of study. She hopes to be able to combine these two subjects in her future career as well.

Stephanie Göing
Stephanie was a child when she made her first own magazine, with felt pens and cut-out pictures from toy catalogues – and this passion has never left her. Getting to know the world, sharing its beauty with letters, words and sentences to make the reader’s life a little bit nicer, that’s Stephanie’s dream.
Interested in how everything works, she studied Communications Science and Psychology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich and especially focused on Media Psychology. During her studies Stephanie collected a lot of practical experiences at different newspapers, magazines and agencies. She wrote for example for the Süddeutsche Zeitung or the women’s magazine freundin. Preferably, Stephanie writes about places, events, books, psychological issues or persons with fascinating stories. This European Culture & European Journalism programme at the School of Journalism Utrecht offered her to combine the experience of living abroad, getting to know different cultures and deepening her journalistic skills. As the 24 years old journalist still has the desire to learn more about the world, she is going to continue her studies afterwards.
Born and living in Munich, Germany, Stephanie carries this wonderful Bavarian city in her heart wherever she goes. But when she went to Stockholm for this report, the sea with sun and wind made her forget very fast that she usually misses the mountains in the background. And also the beer gardens were suddenly not in the picture when she was sitting between the “Stockholmers” in the sun eating soft ice-cream under pink blooming trees.

Helena Maria Golz
Helena was born in Münster, Germany, close to the Dutch border, so the attraction to the Dutch has always been there and she finally managed to cross the border to live in the Netherlands at the age of 23. Since her home town Münster is the bicycling capital of Germany, the bicycle traffic in Utrecht was luckily manageable and she fell in love with the city very soon. Before Helena came to the Netherlands, she studied communication- and political sciences at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich for three years. During that time she did an internship at two local newspapers in Münster, worked in the PR department of an aid organization and for one of the biggest news magazines in Germany. The decision to take part in the ECEJ program in the Netherlands was the best decision she could have made. New friends, lots of writing and the experiences she underwent on her reporting trip to breathtaking Istanbul (especially the view from a bunch of rooftop terraces) will be enough material for future stories.

Laura Goudkamp
Laura, 22, was born and raised in beautiful Bavaria in Germany. But as her surname suggests, also Dutch blood flows in her veins. After her grandfather and father have already studied in Utrecht, it was about time for Laura to experience the Dutch way of life – she fell in love immediately. To blame are especially stopwaffels, the royal family and the awesome „gezelligheid“ of  the Dutch. But of course Laura also came to Utrecht to gain more experience in international writing. The program ECEJ was a good choice to do so and to broaden her view about Europe and to become a better journalist.
Her first contact with journalism Laura gained right after school .While shaping her journalistic profile through studying political science and communication science in Munich she has worked for several Blogs, newspapers and magazines in and around Munich as a freelancer. Being curious as to what else there is within journalism apart from print, Laura loves to work for local student radio, m94,5, as editor and presenter. After two very interesting months at the foreign office of the public broadcaster ZDF in London Laura went back to this amazing city to report about the iconic skate park at Thames and it´s danger to get pulled down.
Feel free to contact me : or find me on Twitter!

Arik Ligeti
Arik Ligeti is a journalism student entering the final year of his program at Carleton University in Canada. When not riding his bike through Utrecht’s streets these past five months, Arik had the chance to visit many European cities, including Split, Croatia, where he reported on the country’s youth unemployment epidemic.
Arik has worked for various web and television media outlets, including Global News and He’s also freelanced for J-Source and co-founded the online arts and culture magazine CanCulture. Outside of journalism Arik loves travelling and going to concerts, counting himself an obsessive fan of Bruce Springsteen.
You can follow Arik on Twitter.

Aimèe McCarthy
Aimée McCarthy is a 20-year-old student of Journalism and Irish studying in the Dublin Institute of Technology. She was delighted to be given the opportunity to study in Utrecht this semester and although it was not an easy decision, she has not regretted it once. Coming to Utrecht was exactly the inspiration she needed to evolve her as a writer, and as a person. Living away from home is one thing, but studying in a different country was an entire new experience. Being able to experience Europe from a journalistic perspective was unique and special one for her.
In the past, she has written for her college newspaper ‘The Edition’ and has even continued writing for them abroad about her erasmus experiences. She has also worked as the web editor for ‘The Liberty’ newspaper, a local newspaper for an area called the Liberties, in Dublin. She loves exploring and finding out new things about places she has been a thousand times already.
Her real journalistic passion is radio and she will be interning at ‘Radió na Life’, an Irish language radio station in dublin, this summer. She hopes to become Irish radios next big thing, so look out for her!
As the old Irish saying goes, “An té a bhíónn siúlach, bíonn scéalach” – He who travels, has stories to tell. Aimée believes this experience will always stick with her and help her to become a better journalist in the future.

Thomas Moßburger
Thomas Moßburger was born in the small German town Lohr am Main in 1989. After his Bachelor’s degree in communication and social science from the University of Erfurt, he is currently doing his Master’s in communication science at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. Having interned and written at several newspapers like the local paper Main Post and the news website back in Germany, he chose to come to Utrecht to learn more about journalism but also about the Netherlands, the Dutch and himself. In his spare time he enjoys meeting up with friends, talking about football and from time to time watching a whole season of a random TV show in one day – well, he is a media student after all.
His reporting trip brought him to Istanbul, Turkey. There he walked from art gallery to art gallery to find a trend that maybe doesn’t even exist but also had some more true-to-life experiences during an interview with some hardcore football fans. You can also follow Thomas on Twitter.

Yousei Ota


Yousei is a 20 years old student from Oita university in Japan. Before coming to Utrecht he was studying economics at his home university, but last year he obtained opportunity to study abroad as an exchange student. The Netherlands is the first foreign country for him, so everything what he sees was new and stimulating for him. Though he was still studying economics in first half semester as well, he made a decision to change his course to European Culture and Journalism course since second half semester. There he  enjoyed to know about European culture, nationality, or history. This experience  expanded his vision, mind and world. Now he is looking for his future based on that.

Thomas Prager

Thomas is a 23-year old student from Austria, where he has studied communication science at the University of Vienna for the last four years. The last semester he spent, enjoying the beautiful Dutch weather and fixing his bike every Day, at the Hogeschool Utrecht. During his exchange, he enjoyed meeting a lot of people from different nationalities and got used – due to his language – on being called a German, which he strongly opposed at the beginning.
For his Reporting Trip he went to the Danish capital Copenhagen and explored the interesting life in the anarchist commune Christiania. Back at home he writes as a freelancer for a local newspaper concentrated on the area surrounding the small town Purkersdorf, where he grew up, and the Austrian media watchblog Kobuk.

Nora Quintanilla Simon
Nora is an aspiring journalist born 22 years ago in the cradle of paella: Valencia, Spain. After two years studying Business Administration and dealing with numbers, she missed writing and telling stories so she started a bachelor in Journalism at Universitat de València. And what a good choice! As Confucius said, “find a job you like and you will never have to work.”
Despite the era of changes in the profession, she still embraces print media and magazines and hopes them to be her working habitat. What would Sundays be without a newspaper and a coffee? And what about well-spent free time reading through glossy pages? However, social media and online journalism are also among her interests. One day, you’ll read articles about travel, fashion, culture or even politics with her signature on top. This is the first step in her career.
Want to know more? Check Nora’s portfolio and LinkedIn.

Michaela Rosenback
Michaela Rosenback is a 22-year old journalism student from Finland. This autumn she will enter her final year of the Bachelor program of Journalism at The Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki. Her fascination for words and the infinite possibility to combine them inspired her to become a journalist. She enjoys meeting different people, having long talks with them and then writing their stories.
Michaela has been working as a reporter for the local newspaper Vasabladet and the weekly magazine Kyrkpressen in Finland. She has also had her own fashion page in the weekly magazine Österbottniska Posten, which is distributed in Österbotten, on the west cost of Finland. For the future she is dreaming about doing an internship at a fashion magazine or working in radio as she finds the concept of direct contact to listeners very appealing.
For a journalist it is always valuable to experience and understand other cultures. That is why Michaela decided to study abroad one semester, a choice she will never regret. If you wish to, you can always contact her at

Ane Sanz Eceiza
Ane Sanz Eceiza is a 22 year old audiovisual communication student at the University of the Basque Country. Originally from Tolosa, Spain, she has in the past reported for a local newspaper. She is fond of children and has worked as a qualified leisure instructor at summer camps. In her free time she enjoys long walks in her native mountains spending the evening sitting by the sea with friends in the beautiful coastal city of San Sebastian.

Sebastian Schreiber
When he was eight years old and on vacation with his family, Sebastian Schreiber discovered his love for Dutch stroopwafels, hagelslag and frikandel. Almost 15 years later he came back to the Netherlands to enroll in the European Culture & European Journalism program. At home in Mainz, Germany, he studies communication sciences and political sciences in his third year.
Sebastian started his journalistic career as a reporter for the local newspaper of his hometown. Since then he has been the presenter of the university magazine “CampusTV”, editor in chief of the student’s magazine “Publizissimus” and has continued his work as a freelance journalist. He interned at the German public broadcasting stations ZDF (TV) and Hessischer Rundfunk (radio).
His reporting trip took him to the tough North East of England. In Newcastle he met the most different people, and they all had one thing in common: From city council officers to local butchers – Sebastian was amazed by the incredible kindness of the “Geordies.”

Ben Smith
Ben is a 21 year old journalism student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Born and raised in Knoxville, he’s had the opportunity to travel throughout his youth: all over the United States, Germany, Australia, France, England and Iceland so far and now the Netherlands.
He has volunteered at his college’s radio station, WUTK, and interned with the regional concert and festival promoter, AC Entertainment. At the station, he hosted The Indie Aisle – a programme dedicated to playing anything he and his co-host James want, to sharing up-and-coming new bands and to spinning music that listeners won’t hear anywhere else.
He enjoys concerts, record collecting and music history. As a fan of scientific documentaries and investigative journalism, he enjoys the work of Professor Brian Cox, David Attenborough, Louis Theroux, and VICE. Ben hopes to keep travelling post-graduation, being able to share music, continue learning and experience as much of the world as possible.

Maggie Solomon
A native of Greeneville, Tennessee, Maggie is a third year Journalism and Electronic Media major at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. She works as a Hospitality Ambassador in Neyland Stadium and Thompson-Boling Arena for Tennessee Athletic Hospitality. For three semesters, she volunteered as a Radio Announcer for WUTK, 90.3 The Rock. She plans to pursue an anchor position in the fall at the University of Tennessee’s television station, The Volunteer Channel. Maggie is a member of the Chancellor’s Honors Program and has received various scholarships and awards for her academic achievements. She hopes to pursue a career in broadcast television working in news.
Maggie can be found on LinkedIn and on her website.

Katja Vogt

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

This quote of Susan Sontag’s has accompanied Katja Vogt for years. With writing from Utrecht and Lisbon, she can cross two cities off her list. Katja is not a typical journalist in the ECEJ-group of 2013, because she is studying for a Master of Public Relations in Mainz, Germany. While she did her Bachelors in Passau, Bavaria but also Germany, she got to know the journalistic side of the media world. During this time she was also an intern at the biggest German newspaper called Bild and in a television editorial team for a noon news program. Besides that she wrote for her university paper and for different company magazines. Katja likes to work with all types of texts and taking as well as editing photos. She doesn’t just have one hobby, but likes many things – to name just a few: annoying her family by playing the piano, getting the run-around on the tennis court or tearing through a crowd on her skis. Katja hasn’t tried all spare time activities, but rest assured, they are on her list!