Masthead 2014

Editorial Board

Tayler Meagher  Editor-in-chief

tayler Tayler Meagher is a third-year Journalism and Law student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She has written articles for the online publication CanCulture Magazine and for Centretown News. Her biggest passions are the written word and traveling, so naturally, she enjoys exploring and writing about different cultures. After a backpacking trip to Europe in 2012 left her with the travel bug, she headed to The Netherlands to get a taste of international reporting. Although she’s unsure where her future lies, she wants to work internationally. You can find Tayler on LinkedIn. 

Susana Gómez Báez — Editor-in-chief

susana Susana Gómez Báez is a student journalist from Canada. While she calls Toronto home, she was born in Matanzas, Cuba and lived there for 11 years. She’s fluent in Spanish and has proficient writing and reading skills in French. She has worked for three semesters at Ryerson University’s campus newspaper, The Eyeopener, once as an arts editor and later as a media editor. Susana loves travelling, debating, and has a special interest in history. When she finishes school, Susana would like to be a TV reporter. Get in touch with her on Twitter.

Hannah Cather — Editor-in-chief

hannahHannah Cather is a journalism and photography student from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. With a sense of curiosity, Hannah tries to uncover the stories around her by talking to and photographing strangers. Intent on becoming a worldly woman, Hannah ventured to the Netherlands to pursue international reporting.

At her home university, Hannah works as the photo editor for the editorially independent student publication, The Daily Beacon. She also produced reporting packages about local restaurants and cultural events in the city. While abroad, Hannah has continued to blog for The Daily Beacon. She also maintains a personal blog, which is predominately photographs from her adventures.  You can follow Hannah on Instagram.

Elisa Conselvan — Editor-in-chief

elisaElisa was born in Italy and graduated in publishing cum laude at the Università Cattolica of Milan in 2012. She’s had many experiences in editorial work and communication, such as for Cartier Art Magazine International and Università Bocconi of Milan. In 2013 she decided to move to Amsterdam where she currently works for the self-publishing startup 7write while studying European Culture and European Journalism at Hogeschool Utrecht.

Elisa has a great passion for literature, journalism, arts and travelling. After winning a competition for Best Thesis of 2013 in ‘History of Books and Publishing,’ she is busy publishing her master’s thesis about Mark Twain with an Italian publishing house. She writes for the blog Amsterdam Culture and for the Dutch magazine Access. She is curious about everything that concerns content management, especially regarding magazine and book publishing and the news making process.

You can contact Elisa through her LinkedIn and Twitter page, or via email.

Cormac McGee — Art Director

cormacCormac McGee is a student journalist hailing from Ryerson University in Toronto, CA. He has a slight obsession with the business and technology industry —with a keen interest in digital startups —and counterbalances it with his other two main loves: soccer and hip hop. These days you can catch him pursuing these passions as a writer at RedNation Online, Krates Magazine and Splash Effect: Year One blog. When not writing, he’s enjoying (and sometimes working at) his position as co-founder and VP of Corporate Relations at RCDS: the first professional student society in a creative based faculty in North America. If you want to hear more of what he has to say, holler at him on Twitter and connect with him on Career Sushi or LinkedIn.

Annebel Wouters — Art Director

annebel“The world is filled with stories. Stories to be told, to hold on to and to share.’’

Annebel Wouters is always on a quest to find stories. For 23 years now this story collector, born in the Netherlands, is interested in everything that covers the word culture. As long as it’s unexpected, creative, original and inspiring, she can and will write about it.

Before studying journalism, Annebel studied art and fashion. Because of that, she has met a lot of creative people and was inspired by their work and stories. Instead of being the artist, she wanted to put their words on paper, to tell their stories and inspire others.

Annebel doesn’t necessarily have to go abroad to find interesting stories. Even in her hometown, Utrecht, there are unexpected and interesting tales to find. But to go somewhere new is thrilling and defiant. The world becomes closer to the reader, when adventures or stories about other cultures have been put in writing and pictures. It connects one and other. You can contact her on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Travis Miller

travisTravis Miller is a fourth-year journalism student and a lover of film from Nashville, Tennessee in the United States. After graduating from the University of Tennessee Knoxville with a journalism focus on visual communication and a minor in cinema studies, Travis hopes to pursue a career in the film industry.
Having never traveled outside of the States, Travis wanted to experience a change of scenery and applied to study abroad at Hogeschool Utrecht in The Netherlands. While studying European Culture and European Journalism, he has had the chance to travel to many other countries from the United Kingdom to Lithuania. Follow Travis on Twitter .

Emmi Karhiaho

emmiEmmi Karhiaho is a journalism student from Turku, Finland. She is studying in her third-year at the Turku University of Applied Sciences. She has made stories, texts, audios and videos as well, on the school’s online-magazine Tutka. Emmi has done an internship at “Suomen Lehtiyhtymä” where she on wrote cultural news for three different local papers in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Her own fields of interests are history and scientific news, not forgetting cultural things at the other end of the spectrum, such as techno-ish music or contemporary art. Emmi can be found on Twitter.​

Nina Bogosavac

ninaFrom The Netherlands but with an international background, freelance journalist Nina Bogosavac is, with a Dutch mother and a Serbian father, well aware of cultural differences and the benefits of exploring multiple cultures. It’s no surprise that this young journalist focuses on foreign countries and issues having to do with mixed roots, just like herself. She enjoys reporting abroad, but is very comfortable being based in the Dutch city of Utrecht. To combine her personal background with professional aspirations, Nina will working to gain name in the world of writing journalism and hopefully become a witty and notorious interviewer or a cool editor-in-chief of a newsmagazine for that matter. To gain experience in the world of social issues and communication she’s working at CoolPolitics during summer 2014. Curious about Nina and what she stands for? Visit her blog about Holland or add her on LinkedIn.

Laura van Vuuren

lauraLaura is Dutch journalism student. Originally she’s from a small town nearby Rotterdam and The Hague, but for her studies she travels to Utrecht. Laura is interested in everything involving culture. Laura is 20-years-old and in her third-year of university. She speaks Dutch, English and German and can understand French. Laura has worked on a few projects for young journalists about new journalism in The Netherlands. The decision to take part in the European Culture and European Journalism program was the best decision she could have made. Now, she knows she loves to travel and wander around a city and discover its history. You can contact her via Twitter or Facebook.

Beza Getachew

bezaBeza Getachew is a journalism student at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. She is interested in multimedia forms of journalism, especially video production. In 2012 Beza was selected to travel to Kigali, Rwanda with the non-profit organization Right To Play to make a documentary about their philanthropic trip. Beza enjoys the entire process of creating a video. She is able to shoot, produce and edit on the programs Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro. For the past two school years, she has worked as a videographer for the Ryerson Rams athletic department creating engaging content for their website. Find her on Twitter.

Henni Aaltonen

henniHenni is a 22-year-old student who will graduate journalism from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland at the end of 2014.

Henni did her first internship at the multimedia company, Acacom Media has done freelance work for the Finnish Figure Skating Magazine after finishing her 15- year-long skating career. In summer 2014, Henni will work for Yle, Finland’s public service broadcasting company, in the sports newsroom department. Henni also belongs to a cooperative with 11 other journalists.

Her second internship was at the culture magazine Cult24. Everything concerning culture is close to her heart: art, literature, films and music. Henni will start to study creative writing in fall 2014 at Krittisen Kirjoittamisen Korkeakoulo. In the future she would like to be a writer and of course explore the world.

Check Henni´s blog where you can try to translate her texts from Finnish. Henni is also on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

Teresa Coll Collado

teresaTeresa Coll Collado was born in Valencia and she is 21-years-old. She’s admired the journalistic profession since she was little and used to play with an large old and colourful recorder to interview her brothers. Teresa studies Journalism and Audiovisual Communication at the University of Valencia. She loves theatre and has been member of two theatre groups: one in high school “The yellow crocodile” and the other one here in Utrecht with the Drama Society (SUDS).

In her spare time she participates as a volunteer with children who struggle with social exclusion or with special needs, and she loves to be in contact with people learning from their stories. When traveling her ambitions are to discover different cultures and to write about them, trying to make all voices heard. Teresa was working last summer in the Communication Department at Valencia’s City Hall.

Aidan Dundass

aidoAidan is currently in his third-year of studying a BA in Journalism with a Language (Irish) at the Dublin Institute of Technology. He is working to enter the sports journalism field by interning as a soccer match reporter for Goal.comIreland, and has acted as the sports editor for his school paper back in Ireland. He plans to do an internship this summer with Sónta Teo: an Irish production company who make shows for TG4, Ireland’s only Irish language T.V station. When he graduates he hopes to pursue a career in broadcast journalism.

Johanna Kopenen

IMG_2023Johanna Keponen is a journalism student from Helsinki, Finland. During her studies she has covered topics from Restaurant Day to bears and from gig critique to the pollution situation in the Baltic Sea. She has had a chance to interview inspiring people, from artists to stand-up comedians. For this edition of CulTour magazine, she travelled to Ghent, Belgium to explore an experimental movie theatre and an art invasion. This is her third-year studying at HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences. In the fall, it will be time to start looking for an internship; whether it’s in Finland or abroad does not really matter as long as she gets to realize her passion: to discover and document culture and its impact on people.