Masthead 2015

Jonna Järvelä – Editor-in-chief

JonnaMeet Jonna, our 23-year-old editor-in-chief, who’s all about adventures and enjoying the little things in life. Jonna can be very determined and organized, but on the other hand she often just jumps into an adventure – doesn’t matter if it means traveling to the other side of the world or just seeing new things in her neighborhood. She loves red wine, coffee, cheese and beautiful sunsets, so no wonder that she traveled to Turin to write her stories. Back in Finland, where she is from, Jonna studies in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and is interested about journalism, communications and marketing. In her dream job, she would combine all three of them and add some traveling and sports to the combination. You can find out more things about Jonna on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

Layla Bil – Art Director

LaylaLayla Bil is a 22 years old student from The Netherlands. If you have seen a brown haired girl on an orange racing bike flashing by in Utrecht, then you have probably seen her. As in Dutch tradition she loves her bike and as in the Surinam culture she has the time, while others have a clock. Layla likes to get lost in cities that she doesn’t know yet, as to train her sense of direction. Wandering around gives her the inspiration for the stories and the tale gives her a reason to talk to the local people. Her ability to speak both Spanish and English as well as her native tongue of Dutch proves as a utility when she is writing stories in Spain or South-America. As a young journalist she is developing and learning everyday to become a critical, integer journalist with a special passion for human-interest stories.

Sophie Hirsch – Art Director

Sophie2Sophie has a kind of strange obsession with names. This is getting clear as soon as one knows, that Sophie is not her real name. Actually she is called Eileen, but when she came to Holland, she thought it would be interesting to find out, what it is like to be called by another name, so she introduced herself as Sophie. (If interested in her new-name-experiences, feel free to contact her). Sophie has Austrian roots, but grew up in Munich and turned 21 in Istanbul. This is where she travelled to, to write her stories for CulTour magazine and where she immersed into a completely new culture. Her camera is her most important accessory, without which she never leaves the house. Besides taking pictures, she also loves reading and writing, Utrecht’s amazing coffee places and is always interested in peoples’ names, stories and faces of course, for some nice portrait shots.

Eva Kuhar – Art Director

EvaEva is an aspiring young journalist from the capital of the small and beautiful Slovenia, Ljubljana. She loves to experience different lifestyles and try new things spontaneously. Her passion for journalism has led her to actively participate in student life, particularly to collaborating with students and young professionals within the scope of the Slovene Association of Journalists and the Forum for European Journalism Students (FEJS). Her main interests involve international affairs with a focus on global migration and social welfare, which she researched further by travelling to the highly multicultural city of London. If her ambition of becoming a foreign correspondent doesn’t work out she now knows she can always become a dog au pair.


Hannah Logan – Copy editor

Hannah20-year old Hannah arrived in the Netherlands from Ottawa, entirely disoriented and utterly in awe of the canals, the architecture and the fact that she got to spend a semester in Utrecht. When not crashing her bicycle Hannah can be found reading, traveling, watching Netflix, or eating kaassoufflés. Her proudest moments include convincing her mother to get a dog after years of pleading, reversing directly into a concrete pole while driving her grandma’s car and avoiding shopping for three days. As for the future, Hannah will obtain her undergraduate degree in journalism from Ryerson University in Toronto. Although she doesn’t anticipate working as a journalist, she’s loved the opportunities her degree program has offered and hopes that having it means she won’t have to work as a lifeguard for the rest of her life.

Grayce Leonard – Copy editor

GrayceGrayce is from Castlebar, County Mayo on the west coast of Ireland. She is a fluent speaker of the Irish language, which is something she hopes to use creatively in her career as a Journalist. This summer she will be working in the Gaeltacht at a summer school where secondary school kids go to learn Irish. When she is at home she studies at the Dublin Institute of Technology in the heart of Dublin City. She has always had a strong love for art, she has used this interest in her story where she explores the artistic traditions of city life. She considers herself very free spirited although her friends like to think of her as a bit of a hippy. Her music taste is very varied from techno, house music, Indie and rock anything that she can dance to really.


Ailbhe Ní Riain – Copy editor

AilbheAilbhe Ní Riain is an excitable, optimistic and interactive, universe loving kind of person who recently caught the bug of wanderlust. With a great love for people and making memories, these are what drives her through journalism, her sense of adventure, longing to seek justice and tell tales of epic scale from underground interviews to untouched news. Ailbhe is Journalism and Irish language student back in Ireland in school of Media at Dublin Institute of Technology. Before she escaped to the Netherlands, she was often to be found at an Irish speaking radio station, Raidio na Life 106.4 as a music show host. As a culture enthusiast gripped with alternative culture, Ailbhe traveled to Germany to give you the inside buzz on underground clubs in Leipzig.

Emily Stachera – Copy editor

EmilyEmily is a Canadian girl whose been thrown in to the historical wonders of Europe for her six-month exchange. After learning about art history in her program in Utrecht, she knew she had to write her articles on the “cradle of the Renaissance,” Florence, and the gelato festival there was a definite plus. Back home in Toronto she studies at Ryerson University and can often be found at the campus pub, either working or drinking a pint. She loves to writing and meeting new people, so she is hoping that the journalism industry will be kind to her, and let her do just that.




Katja Lehner – Social media coordinator


Katja grew up in the rural areas of Austria. Although being daughter of two splendid Austrian parents she still loves to stress on her being 1/32 Czech. As she already missed the freezing cold her mother country has to offer, she decided to travel to the Scandinavian pearl Stockholm. A city in which it is all common to still wear a winter jacket in mid-May. Apart from chasing the cold all year round, the aspiring journalist takes a severe interest in the politics of North Korea and Russia. A passion that even led her to study the Russian language. When she’s not busy decoding Russian sentences and miserably failing at understanding their meaning, she is writing for an Austrian online magazine and hunting for internships at media companies.

Andrea Lindner – Social media coordinator


Our Andrea is a real Bavarian “Madl” (girl). She loves beer and to wear her beloved dirndl, but also writing, taking photos, sports, new cultures and traveling. For her research trip, she travelled to Spain. There she did not only drink sangria and enjoyed the sun, but met with start-ups and young Spaniards. Her story is all about opportunities, unemployment and the very big fortune. When she’s not traveling around the world, Andrea writes from Munich about extraordinary people, other cultures or special projects, for newspapers and online magazines. In addition, she is also on tour with her microphone for the radio. Except for having moderated the weather, Andrea’s face hasn’t quite made it on television yet. But you never know. Follow her and her exciting life on twitter or check her homepage. And maybe one day you will recognize her in a TV show!

Marjo Alste – Reporter

Attachment 1

One of our three Finnish reporters is 21-years-old Marjo who experienced her first trips to abroad this spring. Her passions are sports, literature and good beer – especially the last two together, and her biggest dream is to write a book. One of Marjo’s interests is also culture and differences between different cultures. That is why she travelled to Croatia to explore Hum, “world’s smallest city”, and found out how it is to live in town where there is only 26 inhabitants. She also met Hungarian violinist who left her family and moved to Germany to achieve glory. In Finland Marjo studies journalism in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and couldn’t be happier with her career choice. She has worked as a freelancer and also worked two summers in a news paper. Her dream profession would be news anchor, so maybe you’ll see more of her in the future.

Sonja Kokko – Reporter

SonjaSonja loves traveling and eating out so it’s really not a surprise that she wrote about food and wine. Her destination was Lisbon; the capital of Portugal, the westernmost country in Europe. When not traveling or eating, Sonja likes to spend time photographing, reading, or watching movies with her husband. Back in Helsinki, Finland, the city she calls home, Sonja studies journalism in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. She is especially interested in photography and photojournalism, but she would also love to work for radio or TV. To know more about Sonja you can find out more about her from InstagramLinkedIn and Twitter. Don’t forget to check out her blog, but don’t be intimidated by the fact that she writes in Finnish – pictures speak louder than words.

Aina Martí Soler – Reporter

AinaAina grew up surrounded by vineyards near Barcelona. From a catalan background, she has a great interest in cultural minorities and politics. She has a serious case of “procrastinating” and can always be found overthinking. She is learning to worry less every day without caring less. With the innocent belief that we can change the world, she chose to study journalism. Meanwhile she has worked as a teacher to a bunch of six year olds. Completelly addicted to good stories, the best present you can offer her are journaslim chronicles. Her passion about other cultures brought her to London, where she had had to digg into the housing crisis. Besides enjoying good meals in Brick Lane or shopping in Camden market she has been able to acknowledge the huge swell of public opinion against the government that has emerged in London after the elections.

Yara Mens – Reporter

YaraYara is one of our Dutchies in the program, but she doesn’t like ‘freezing cold Holland’ that much. Whenever she can, she travels to any Spanish speaking country because of the siesta, fiesta and relaxed culture. She visited Barcelona for her feature story (no surprise) and wrote about the influence of tourists on the Catalan culture. Yara studies journalism in Utrecht, and she has always been interested in love stories, other cultures and the combination of these two (you can read more about this on her blog about cultural differences in relationships). In the future she wants to speak fluency Spanish, dance salsa as a pro, write her own romantic book, marry a cute ginger guy and be a world-traveling journalist. Oh, and live happily ever after of course.


Elizabeth Mucklow – Reporter

LizaThis is our 22-year-old reporter Elizabeth Mucklow. With her “love to laugh” motto she definitely knows how to enjoy the crazy thing called life. With her Czech nature but Dutch nurture she has learned that every culture has it’s own beauty and flaws and that there is no right or wrong. That is why she loves to travel for our Cultour Magazine and explore national traditions and habits of countries and talk to people and hear their stories. When she is not writing for the magazine she teaches Zumba at the fitness club, studies Psychology and loves to be surrounded by her dearest friends.



Han Nguyen – Reporter


Our editor Han  is from Germany, but has her roots in Vietnam. Therefore she knows very well how different and unique cultures can be. Even though she is not a typical journalism student, she has a sceptical mind and considers different perspectives. Her reporting trip took her to Warsaw where she gained an insight on the longing of Varsovian people for change and new ideas. Back in Germany Han is studying Corporate Communications/PR at Johannes Gutenberg University. Besides, she is working in the Marketing Communications Office of the Bosch Group. Han got addicted to Dutch bananenpannenkoeken (banana pancakes) since living in Utrecht. Her lack of orientation always helps her to find great places to get lost and to write about!


Thomas Pedroli – Reporter

ThomasOur reporter Thomas Pedroli is a Dutch journalism student and film and music fanatic. In the cold winter months, when everybody packed his or her backs for warmer horizons, Thomas joined the Woman’s world of cultural reporting at Cultour Magazine. As a quiet observer, Thomas travelled to Budapest; a typical European city that, just like every other European city, can’t really be compared to any other place: a capital of great beauty and culture, with a rich music scene and a busy film industry. Still, it’s also a city struggling with poverty, xenophobia and political corruption. You can read his stories on the Hungarian Capital soon in Cultour.



Rosa Smit – Reporter

RosaOne of our Dutch reporters is Rosa, who travels every day to Utrecht from her beloved city Delft. The train is a big part of her life, but it’s perfectly to combine with the things she loves to do; exploring music, making new songs and writing about people, poetry or other present perfects. And isn’t it always amazing to be on the road, even this small distance? If it isn’t this direction she’s heading, she visits her family in Norway a lot, where the fjords are breath taking and the sun could be just as generous as in the south! But of course there ain’t no south like the south itself and so for Cultour she decided to travel to Istanbul and experience the lovely blend of cultures and find out about how tolerance works in a progressive but religious city and about how our colleagues of journalism are doing there.