Masthead 2017

Daniel Roodenburg – Senior Editor-in-Chief

Daniel, 23, is a reporter from Amsterdam who is currently in his fourth year of studies at the Utrecht School of Journalism. He’s experienced in both writing and television and loves to make stories abroad. So far he has produced stories in Madrid, Kiev and just came back from Corsica where he spoke to the islanders about their fight to save their ‘dying’ language Corsu for this year’s edition of CulTour.



Tommi Kumén – Editor-in-Chief

Tommi is from Helsinki, Finland (originally from neighbouring Vantaa though!) and studies journalism there at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. His favourite subjects to write about are often also his favourite things in life: films, music and culture in general. In Netherlands he has grown to love broodjes haring and kaassoufflés but can’t wait to get back home to enjoy his subscription of morning paper in printed form. Tommi is a semi-closeted anglophile which is why he travelled to Manchester to write about the city’s music scene. While in Britain he also visited Hay-on-Wye in Wales during the town’s famous literature festival and thinks it was probably the best day of the whole spring.

Janine Maral Tascioglu – Editor-in-Chief

Janine Maral is a 21 year old city girl from Toronto, Canada, currently studying journalism and public relations at Ryerson University and Hogeschool van Utrecht. Her areas of expertise include digital content creation, magazine publishing, and photography with interests in sustainable fashion, linguistics, and world culture.
Janine travelled to Antwerp, Belgium to learn more about the city’s world-renowned diamond trading business and the crafting of contemporary jewellery. When Janine’s not writing, she’s planning her next trip, listening to a podcast, or making guacamole.

Alice Eriksson – Arts Editor

Alice is a Journalism student from Gothenburg, Sweden. With a background in archaeology, her main journalistic interests naturally fall around cultural matters. She is a firm believer that seeking answers from the past can help answer questions of the present. She is commonly described as curious, stubborn and inquisitive. Alice still considers herself to be a dogmatist, as she frequently enjoys writing with pen and paper. The passion of writing has followed her since childhood. She grew up creating stories and documenting in a diary. Writing has been a key aspect in her life.

Ainara Ruiz Urizar – Arts Editor

Ainara Ruiz Urizar is a 20-year-old journalist from the Basque Country, currently working and studying in the Netherlands. She is trying to broaden her horizons in order to work as a freelancer. She enjoys taking photos and capturing unique moments around Europe to learn from various cultures. Living her whole life with a minority language and being aware that a language is a huge part of her identity, she travelled to Belfast in order to know more about the Irish language’s situation there. Ainara also enjoys brainstorming her ideas while sitting with a large cup of tea in a quiet garden. The nature and singing of birds make her words flow. She also works by her own, publishes her travel experiences on an blog called “Notes from Ainara”, where you can read posts both in English and in Basque.

Elina Vironen – Arts Editor

Elina studies Journalism in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland. Being a crazy techno lover, she travelled to Berlin to learn more about the future of the club scene in the Techno capital of Europe.




Sina Höni – Social Media Editor, Instagram

Sina is a 22-year-old student from Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany where she studies Communication Science. She is thrilled to spend time focusing on journalism during her exchange in the Netherlands. Sina, otherwise known as a Youtube addict, cannot spent a day without watching at least 2 hours of her favorite vloggers upload.
Always on the hunt for a good story, she travelled to Portugal for CulTour Magazine, to report on a contemporary dance festival. To experience vlogging for herself, she decided to include video diaries into her feature story.

Lena Reber – Social Media Editor, Instagram

Lena is a 25-year-old student from Mainz, Germany. Before she started her bachelor’s degree in Communications Sciences at the “Johannes Gutenberg-Universität,” she was trained as a businesswoman for Media at a newspaper. She is happy that she is able to focus on Journalism here in Utrecht. It is an interesting variety to her studies back home. Nevertheless, Lena is still unsure whether she prefers the academic or Journalistic part.
She has never been to Utrecht before her semester abroad and immediately fell in love with the city for its canals, unique cafes and beautiful houses. On warm days, she loves spending her time outside eating ice cream. The typical Dutch flavour “Stoopfwafel” has become her favourite flavour for now.
For her reporting trip, Lena travelled to the Hungarian capital, Budapest, to research how the recently adopted new Higher Education Act affects the students of the Central European University. It was her first time travelling to a foreign country to explore a specific topic and she has enjoyed this adventure very much. She admired the beautiful historical buildings, the tasty food and the incredible nightlife. Lena now refers to Budapest as one of the most striking cities in Europe. Lena takes delight in travelling and exploring new cultures. She certainly wants to keep doing this in the future.

Serena Lalani – Social Media Editor, Facebook

Serena is a 20-year-old Canadian based Journalist spending a semester abroad in the Netherlands. Her passions include globetrotting, videography and writing poetry. You can find her sitting by the Utrecht canals, eating fries in a cone while reading Nicholas Spark books. In addition to exploring European culture through feature writing, she also enjoys creating lifestyle and travel inspired pieces for her blog.
Serena ventured to the islands of Greece for CulTour, where she explored the impact of mass tourism on cultural traditions as well as the booming businesses throughout the Greek Isle.

Ismo Puljujärvi – Social Media Editor, Facebook

Ismo is 23 -year-old journalist student from Finland. He’s been studying journalism for three years in the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki. If his friends would have to describe him, it would be “Eurovision fan.” Not a surprise, he traveled to Ukraine to watch the Eurovision Song Contest and to give us a little tour in Euro Village. He also met Ukrainian journalism students and talked to them about the media situation in Ukraine. While he’s dreaming of saving the world, Ismo likes to watch old TV-series like the Golden Girls and Murder She Wrote.
The trip to Ukraine was really eyes opening experience to him.
“If you only believe what other people tell you, you will never explore anything new. When you don’t have a common language, you just have to smile and use your body language.”
In the future Ismo wants to study political sciences in the University so he could write more about international relations and human rights.

Francis Cian Brosnan – Social Media Editor, Twitter

Francis is from Kerry in the South of Ireland and studies Journalism and New Media in the University of Limerick. He has spent the last five months living in the Netherlands and travelling across Europe.
Francis enjoys playing sports, particularly rugby and football. He visited Rome for CulTour to explore the impact of tourism on Ancient Roman monuments. Additionally, he conducted a profile which focuses on a solider who was on duty during Donald Trump’s visit.


Sarina Bhaiwala – Copy Editor

Sarina studies Journalism at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She has always had a passion for social justice and hopes to combine her love for travel, journalism and human rights into a future career. She is always on the hunt for her next international experience and is enjoying her semester abroad in Utrecht by taking advantage of all the traveling opportunities it offers.
When not camped out in the library studying, you can find Sarina outside (whether it’s on a mountain, by a canal, or sitting in a park), crafting new Spotify playlists, or laughing with family and friends.

Jasmine Law – Copy Editor

Jasmine Law is a journalism student studying at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She is also doing two minors in communication studies and law and hopes to one day pursue a career in at least one of these fields. After travelling Europe for the past few months, her next goal is to explore more of Asia or South America, and eventually the entire world. In her free time, you can find her sitting in cafes sipping on latte macchiatos or on the hunt for her next favourite cafe.


Hayley Kirsh – Copy Editor

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Hayley moved to Ottawa, Canada to pursue a degree in journalism and a minor in sociology at Carleton University. While studying abroad in the Netherlands, Hayley has found love in cycling and stroopwafels. She is eager to finish her degree and continue travelling to more continents, next stop: South America.



Sindy Smith – Copy Editor

Sindy Smith is from Melbourne, Australia and has spent the Spring 2017 semester exploring the wonders of the Netherlands and other countries in Europe. Back home in Melbourne, Sindy studies Journalism and Science at Monash University. For this web magazine, Sindy travelled to Italy to learn about gender equality and the role of women in Italy.