Masthead 2018

Manuel Lavoriero – Senior Editor-in-Chief

Manuel (1996, Bolzano, Italy) is our senior editor-in-chief and he is studying Journalism and Media Management at the University of Applied Sciences Vienna. Manuel did some internships in the past for the local newspaper, TV and radio in Bolzano, and, nowadays, he is working hard on the CulTour magazine. Manuel wants to work in TV but, also, is really interested in cultural journalism and everything related with reporting concerts, films, operas and theatre in Vienna. He is in love with the city, becoming his dream place to live. This passion for culture is shown every time he goes on stage, performs literature or composes music. If our joint Senior Editor-in-chief really has an idea, he is going to pursue It. This, together with his thoughts about creativity, team work and responsibility were the main reasons for his decision to take this role. Manuel understands journalism as an international network which depends on the exchange of ideas, fellowship and sources, but all this means nothing without the hard work to turn an idea into reality.

Yash Sanghvi – Editor-in-Chief

Yash (23) is the Co-Editor-in-Chief who is doing an Erasmus exchange here at the Hogeschool Utrecht from the University of Limerick in Ireland.Yash’s hobbies include playing golf and writing poetry. He is also an avid supporter of Real Madrid and is a person who loves to travel. He is massive Harry Potter fan and a movie fanatic, and lists Dead Poets Society as one of the greatest movies. His dream is to either get a job in a PR related field or to become an investigative reporter, he is also part of ULFM which is the radio society at his home university where he co-hosts a show called Two and A Half Can Men.

Olivia Powell – Editor-in-Chief

Olivia is a travel-loving 20-year old from Wexford, Ireland. She is studying journalism at the Dublin Institute of Technology. The media and the news have always interested Olivia, and she enjoys writing about events, projects and people she encounters during her travels. In her final year of secondary school, she decided to study journalism and she hasn’t looked back since.
In Dublin, Olivia has worked as the Culture and Lifestyle editor for the college newspaper and volunteered in other positions as well whilst studying. After graduating, she hopes to become a journalist and explore the world while sharing her experiences.
But for now, Olivia is loving her time in Utrecht.
“I have travelled to many cities, but Utrecht is one which will always have a piece of my heart. It is relaxed and full of life and culture”, she says.

Catherine Devane – Sub-editor

Soon-to-be-21, Catherine is our pinch of green and gold in the team. Born and raised in Dingle, with Kerrygold butter running through
her veins, she has a passion for travelling all around the globe. She took a gap year after college and spent a few months in Cape Cod, where she decided that journalism was the way to go.
She left her beloved county to move to Dublin, where she currently studies journalism at Dublin Institute of Technology.
There, she launched the Feminist Society to educate students about feminism among other issues. If you ask her what she loves the most, “food, dogs and traveling!” is the enthusiastic answer you’ll get.
During her short journalism career, she already has some of her work published by The Irish Times and The Irish Independent.
When she’s not writing for her blog or sitting in a café with a big mug of cappuccino, you’ll find her making the perfect gelato scoops at Murphy’s Ice Cream.

Olivia Bednar – Sub-editor

Olivia is a 20 year-old student from Toronto (“Troono”), Canada. Despite having language similarities she hates being associated with America. She is studying journalism and currently enjoying Europe where she is preparing for a future in travel journalism and magazine writing. As a half Italian her favorite meal apart from fries is obviously gnocchi and cannoli. Since having done some research about “backyard” chicken, she has turned vegetarian. Liv is very into culture and arts but her special field is probably music. She knows all kinds of good music and has lately discovered German rap. Whenever she is not busy going to concerts she loves thrift store shopping looking for unique retro pieces. Back in Canada she was writing for the university newspaper and is now looking forward to her summer at the online magazine NOW in downtown Toronto.

Chelsea Dolan – Sub-editor

Chelsea is 21-years-old from Toronto, and aspires to be a features writer. She likes to travel the world and write articles on subjects such as social issues and travelling. She is also really into online video and loves video editing. Her main interests are travelling, writing, photography, hockey and pop culture. She’s currently in her third-year of her bachelor’s degree in journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto.


Àlex Llorca Llinares – Arts Editor

Àlex is a 20-year-old journalism student from Valencia, Spain. He is currently in his third year of studies at the University of Valencia. Àlex is passionate about photography and film. Together with classmates in Spain, he has produced a satirical podcast mocking current events and Spanish politicians. Àlex is fascinated by complex films and books and by good storytelling. However, he is interested in current events happening in the EU as well. He wants to get in touch with different cultures and other journalistic practices. His main goal is to give people a voice who need it. As arts editor of the CulTour Magazine, Àlex takes care of the visual appearance of the website. He is focused and if something important grabs his curiosity, he is able to completely dive into the topic and give it all of his attention. Further, he is an avid photographer whose dream is to work for a major magazine one day.

Eva Rottensteiner – Arts Editor

Eva is a 21-year-old Italian studying in Vienna and doing her Erasmus in Utrecht. Clearly, she is quite the traveller also having explored southern Asia. Her other passions include cooking. Being Italian, she can make the best pasta dishes yet her guilty pleasure is hummus and bread. Though living in the Netherlands, Eva still struggles to ride a bike but she’s getting better every day. Back in Vienna, she wrote for a city magazine and she will be doing an internship this summer at a radio station and alternative magazine in her hometown of Bolzano, Italy. She has many career aspirations but would like to continue work in magazine writing and is interested in podcasting. Eva is small but mighty and does everything with a passionate and hardworking attitude.

Aina Errando Calleja – Social Media Editor

Aina is a smiling, open and outgoing 20-year-old student. She lives in Valencia but she spends her free time in the little village of Cocentaina (near Alicante). She has always dreamed of being a journalist and politics is something that engages her a lot. There are no limits for someone who has great ambition. In fact, she imagines herself working as a foreign correspondent in the Spanish media or in a European institution, for instance. She does not discard anything but she might specialize in international politics once she finishes her bachelor’s degree. Aina has many plans for the future such us to travel to Canada at least once in her life. However, she is focused on enjoying the present. Drama, skiing and travelling are some of her hobbies. She’s very talkative. Nevertheless, it is not the most eye-catching characteristic about her. She has an infectious laugh, and everyone loves it!

Katalin Garaita Zurikara – Social Media Editor

Katalin is a 21-year-old student of Journalism at the University of The Basque Country, where she was also born and raised. She entertains herself writing, travelling and chilling with her friends. She would love to make a career out of her passions, by writing stories about her journeys and her experiences.
For her Erasmus, she chose the Netherlands because she liked the atmosphere, that she experienced while visiting Amsterdam, and she wanted to get to know the country better while studying.

Mario Martínez Roig – Social Media Editor

Mario is a 20 year-old journalism student from Valencia, Spain, who’s currently doing an exchange semester in Utrecht, Netherlands. The reason he has chosen to do a journalism degree is because he would like to express himself in writing. He has chosen to study outside Spain because he thinks the experience of being abroad and meeting other ”internationals” is important for his personal development and to grow as a journalist.

Mario is part of the Social media team on the magazine, and he will make sure that the articles get properly promoted in cyber space.

When he’s not studying he likes to read and watch tv-series on Netflix. He’s also a Twitter-addict, in a good way. He can easily spend the whole night surfing the internet, and checking out random wikipedia pages.

Federica Montella – Social Media Editor

Federica Montella is a 21-year old Italian journalism student from Naples. After doing an exchange in Ireland in 2014 she fell in love with the country and decided to do her studies there. She is now in her third year of college in The University of Limerick in Ireland, where she contributes to the college newspaper An Focal. Nothing makes her happier than perfectly al dente pasta with courgettes and while on Erasmus she discovered a new-found love for Yoga. Last summer she completed an internship in Barcelona with Zoom Agency, a PR and social media company. She was a social media manager for clients and was also a content creator. She loves sitting down with a cup of good espresso and interviewing others and learning more about alternative cultures and ways of life. After college she hopes to pursue studies in English Literature and continue with writing what she is passionate about.

Anna-Maija Lippu – Reporter

Anna-Maija is a young journalist studying at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland. Ever since being at school, has she enjoyed writing. For her, reading a good article can be an escape from ordinary life and that’s what she wants to offer to other people. Anna-Maija loves to write about the good things in life like fashion, beauty, art and music. While freelancing for a Finnish music magazine, she enjoyed the challenge of describing music and its impact on people through words. Fashion and beauty are two of her additional big passions. Not a day goes by without her watching the latest updates of her favourite YouTubers. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Anna-Maija writing for Billboard magazine or Vogue in the future.

Annika Busch – Reporter

Meet Annika, a 25-year-old student who is currently on Erasmus in Utrecht, Netherlands. Annika is from Hesse in Germany but now lives in Mainz where she studies Communication Science at Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz. After graduating high school, Annika worked for a regional newspaper and is now working for Hessischer Rundfunk, a broadcasting company in Frankfurt where her focus is on communication rather than journalism. Annika is enjoying the focus on journalism at Hogeschool Utrecht and is gaining many new skills and experiences. Erasmus has proved to be a worthwhile and important experience for Annika as she always had aspirations to study abroad. With a lot of experience already to date, Annika hopes to work in the communications department of a well-known and successful company. As with many students who participate in the Erasmus programme, Annika has a passion for travelling where she has visited Belgium and Italy to name but a few whilst in the Netherlands. After her graduation from Mainz, Annika hopes to continue her travel dreams and go further afield and see as much of the world as possible.

Carmen Graziano – Reporter

Carmen is a pasta loving Italian who studies English and Journalism at Coventry University (U.K.). She decided to leave her home country and spread her horizons to get out of her comfort zone, explore the world and meet new friends from different cultures. Reading, writing stories and traveling are the things she likes to do best. After spending five months working in Madrid, she decided to get back to studying in the Netherlands to learn more about Dutch culture and to experience an international environment, which she really loves. Carmen has great plans for the future such as writing for a newspaper or a magazine about different cultures and societies.

Jasmin Koivisto – Reporter

Jasmin is a 22-year-old girl originally from Turku, Finland. She’s the girl that always has a smile on her face and is up for ANY challenge. She loves being involved in her university radio station “Radio Tutka”, where she has her own show. Her inspiration for becoming a journalist is to open people’s minds and her own. Her biggest dream is to make documentaries and have her own talk-show discussing important topics. In 10 years she pictures herself having published several documentaries and adopted at least two cats. As can be seen in the portrait, Jasmin is obsessed with the colour purple, if it’s not in her hair it’s on her clothes or in her makeup, she’s had her hair dyed purple for over two years and she doesn’t see herself giving up on it – that’s dedication.

Linda Larsson – Reporter

Linda is a 23-year-old ambitious and fierce soul from Stockholm, Sweden but she only knows how to cook Turkish food because of her Turkish mom. She in her third year studying journalism in Aberdeen, Scotland, though afterwards she wants to move to a warmer country. She has an attitude of ‘go big or go home’. Nothing is a barrier – there can only be challenges.
Linda wants people to have more understanding of issues through her journalistic endeavours. She dreams about making documentaries about social and cultural issues. She wants to give a voice to people who have interesting stories to tell.
Linda enjoys dancing and going to the gym. She’s also very passionate about music. She likes to groove to dance hall and afrobeat – and she won’t let anyone shit on her taste.
“Where there’s a will, there’s always a way”, Linda would say – and she lives by it.

Linnéa Magnusson – Reporter

Linnéa is a 26-year-old Journalism student from Sunne, Sweden. She decided to study Journalism to reach out to many people, especially those one who don’t often get the spotlight. Traveling is one her many passions, that’s why she decided to go on Erasmus. For her, it felt like it was the natural thing to do. Currently she’s on the European Culture and European Journalism program in Hogeschool Utrecht in the Netherlands. Her role in the CulTour Magazine will be that of a reporter. Her future goals include continuing to travel around the world and possibly working at a radio station. One of her hobbies is attending music festivals. She describes herself as an active person who likes to stay outdoors but also enjoys Netflix.

Marta Bonilla Mataix – Reporter

Marta is a 22-year-old girl from Valencia (Spain) who is in the last year of her Journalism degree at CEU Cardenal Herrera University. She is an outgoing person with a proactive attitude. During her free time, she enjoys reading, sailing with her dad and playing sports, but she also loves being with her friends so she is always up to having some drinks or any other interesting plan. As a huge Valencia football team fan, she watches all of their matches even though she is away from home. She lives by the sea and that is something she really misses now during her stay in The Netherlands. That’s the main reason why she now knows that she isn’t able to live in a city not on the coast. Regarding her journalistic ambitions, she would love to work as a community manager, public relations executive or journalist one day.

Max Joukes – Reporter

Max is a 20-year-old journalism student from Brussels, Belgium. He studies at Thomas More in Mechelen but is currently on Erasmus in Utrecht. He loves to create nature based documentaries and hopes to turn that hobby into a career someday. When he isn’t doing journalism, Max likes to rap and share his original music online. Other interests of his include watching basketball, football and the National Geographic.


Rami M Alhussen – Reporter

Rami M Alhussen (28) is a student at the Hogeschool Utrecht and an integral part of the magazine with the distinction of being a reporter.
Rami’s vast knowledge and experience is an additional benefit to the magazine, as he is not only a student but he works as a freelance journalist too.
His field expertise lies in the global political scenario on which he reports and reviews.
Rami’s hobbies include listening to classical music, swimming and supporting Real Madrid.
Rami has this aura of calmness around him and is one of the people you could easily talk to and he is always ready to help you whenever you are in need of it.