Masthead 2019

Nadja Jansenberger – Editor-in-Chief

Nadja Jansenberger

Nadja is from the province of Tyrol, Austria. She is a 3rd year undergraduate, majoring in Journalism, from FH Wien der WKW University of Applied Sciences, in Vienna. When not attending school, she enjoys music, reading, photography and traveling. She has a strong relationship with Dutch culture, as her mother is a native of the beautiful country of Holland. A degree in Journalism would allow her to fulfill her dream of writing features or producing documentaries on the lifestyles of people and cultures throughout the world. Her ability to speak five languages, German, English, Dutch, Spanish and French, has been a valuable asset while studying with an International team at HU. When asked about her experience at HU, she said “I’ve enjoyed studying with such a diverse group of students, understanding their common laws of Journalism and concepts of writing.” Nadja has an older sister, Nadine, whom she said has been very supportive in her dream to become an international journalist.

Amanda Marsh – Editor-in-Chief

Amanda Marsh

One of our engaged Editors-in-chief is Amanda – a curious young woman originally from the town of Bowmanville, an hour outside of Toronto. Amanda is in her fourth year in her bachelor of journalism at Carleton University in Ottawa. In her journalistic work, Amanda strives to find the unique stories and to bring light to the obscure issues. Amanda has already gathered a lot of experience during her education and her internships within both the communications field, as a reporter and when it comes to producing and shooting segments for TV-programmes. Through her second internship at a local lifestyle magazine she discovered the journalistic discipline about telling stories on cultural aspects and local personalities.  Amanda finds it crucial that her cultural stories have a distinct hook: ”There’s nothing less interesting than fluff-pieces” as she says. She is looking forward to gaining new experiences as an Editor-in-chief.

Anne-Ditte Scheibye – Editor-in-Chief

Anne-Ditte Scheibye 

Three years in the communications program at The Danish School of Media and Journalism has made Anne-Ditte Scheibye a more enthusiastic and proficient story teller. She chose to study communications in her home city of Copenhagen to explore a broad field of interests. However, after experiencing the program and completing an internship at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, it’s clear to Anne-Ditte that she prefers the journalistic aspects of her studies. Her internship also fostered an appreciation for audio journalism. “I could imagine working with radio later on,” she says, “sound is a really nice element because you can create pictures in people’s heads.” Anne-Ditte suspects that her musical background may have influenced her affinity for the platform. She looks forward to being an Editor-in-Chief of CulTour and challenging herself to find an interesting aspect of a new country in her reporting role.

Andrea Byrne – Sub-Editor

Andrea ByrneAndrea Byrne is a 21-year-old journalism student from Dublin, Ireland. Andrea has always wanted to go into journalism and has a dream of becoming an editor for a fashion magazine. After working in retail for a long time she knew she wanted to enter journalism and focus on fashion. She loves helping people put together outfits, and enjoys reading and writing about fashion. After visiting Amsterdam for the first time two years ago she fell in love with The Netherlands. She was immediately interested by the country and decided to come back when the opportunity arose to study in Utrecht. “I was drawn back to The Netherlands because of how beautiful it is here”. Andrea also loves to edit – so much so that she will be one of the sub-editors for this years CulTour Magazine!

Jack Longo – Sub-Editor

Jack Longo

Jack Longo is a 22-year-old Canadian on exchange at Hogeschool Utrecht. He comes to Utrecht from Ryerson University, located in Ontario, Canada. He’s studying Journalism and has a passion for sports, specifically football. While never having travelled beyond North America before, he is excited to experience as much new culture as he can while in Europe, which he cannot get enough of. While studying here, Jack hopes to grow as a person, travel around the continent, and write some interesting articles surrounding culture and sport. In 5 years, he would like to be working in the soccer industry in Canada, helping the game grow. Jack thinks Its important to have an open mind, respect, a willingness to learn about other people and their cultures. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, who also loves the European beers he finds here.

Pádraic Daly – Arts Editor

Podge Daly

Pádraic is a 21-year-old journalism student from the Technological University of Dublin, who is currently studying this semester in Utrecht, Netherlands. As Arts Director, Pádraic loves bringing his creative perspective on the world with others. He has a passion for sharing, creating and producing content as he believes there is more to journalism than just text on a page; it can be expanded to more than just an article as it can be visual or audible, a real experience where the viewer can feel involved. Pádraic chose the Netherlands as it is serves as a great hub to explore Europe so that he could experience culture other than his own. In the future, Pádraic sees himself travelling the world and taking photographs of everything that he sees around him.

Lukas Rogalla – Arts Editor


Originally from Germany, Lukas is a travel lover. With just 21 years, he is a journalism student based in Scotland, and now in the Netherlands, he has a mind with a vision for creativity. Photography is his passion as he loves to capture special moments with his camera as well as filming and editing videos. Once he finishes studying, he wants to follow his dream: to travel around the world, and get paid to tell good stories.

Toni Arrom Garau – Social Media Editor


Toni is originally from the Balearic island of Mallorca and studies Journalism at Universitat Abat Oliba CEU in Barcelona. At 21 years old, he has been a writer for more than fourteen online magazines, specialising in entertainment and technology. After his degree, Toni has no precise plans, but would like to keep on doing what he does in his free time. His love for films and video games, as well as artificial intelligence spur Toni on to actively pursue these interests. He has hosted and produced several podcasts over the years. Describing himself as a lover of creativity and, foremost, a rebel, Toni will continue to enrich our lives with his photography and provoking discussions over a cup of coffee.

Emily Wilson – Social Media Editor

Emily Wilson

Since she was eight years old, Emily had set her sights on telling the stories around the world. Flash forward 12 years later and she is in her third year of journalism at Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada). So far in her career, Emily has set her sights on becoming a sports journalist with a specific interest in football where she is “dedicated to writing about the world’s game from Toronto to Kiev and everywhere in-between.” But when she’s not spending her free time enjoying a match or two, she might be listening to The Red Hot Chili Peppers, organizing her planner or researching her next vacation. She has a strong interest in both print and radio journalism, as well as photography, and hopes to further advance her skill set by doing additional degrees in marketing and public relations. Back home in Ottawa, she is the upcoming sports editor for her school paper, The Charlatan, and is looking forward to working as one of the social media managers for CulTour Magazine.

Nora Cremille

Nora Cremille

Nora is 20 years old and in her last year of Communication Science studies at the Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz (Germany). She is diligent and enthusiastic, which is why she does not do things by halves. During her free time, she enjoys reading, cooking and dancing, but also loves being with her friends and family. She is greatly interested in environmental protection and devotes some of her articles to the subject. In her opinion more and more important issues, such as socio-economic inequalities, conflicts or migration waves, will be related to global warming in the future. She loves to write about solution approaches and to provide people the information they need to make reflected choices. Hopefully, she can turn this hobby into a career someday.

Angela Fimpel

Angela Fimpel

Angela is a tortellini-loving Communication Science student at the Ludwig-Maximillian’s-Universität in Munich (Germany), based in Utrecht (Netherlands) at the moment. She has a positive attitude and always tries to see the good side of things. When needed, she enjoys listening carefully to people’s stories and offer them comfort. In her leisure time, she goes to the gym, reads and goes out with friends. Angela is enterprising and therefore enjoys city trips and hikes through nature. When visiting a new town, she tries to walk as much as possible instead of taking public transport, to see squares, buildings and scenes of the everyday life of the locals. Travelling is the perfect opportunity to discover new cultures for her. In the future she would like to become a marketing manager in an agency or a medium-sized enterprise.

B. Carolyn Gray

B. Carolyn Gray

We proudly present Carolyn. This Lady is a veteran, who retired well deserved after serving the Navy for 28 years. That part of her life taught her to be comfortable in any kind of situation and to understand people from all walks of life. She’s currently in her fourth year of studying at the University of West Florida. By coming to Utrecht for a semester of international studies a lifelong dream came true. Carolyn goes to the beat of her own drum and enjoys taking in all the new experiences she’s making here. She likes working with an international team and she’s always loved writing as a way of self-expression. Besides that she’s into interior design, cooking, gardening and her house full of pets. She has two miniature schnauzers, two parrots (a Macaw and an African Grey), one fish (an Oscar) and an iguana. After finishing her studies in Florida she is going to work for the American government in a public relations office in London.

David O’Farrell

David O'Farrell

David is a 20-year-old lad from Dublin, Ireland who is currently in his third year of Journalism at the Technological University of Dublin. David first got interested in Journalism by reading daily newspapers, specifically the sports section and decided he want to pursue the degree in his final year of school.

David’s two passions are travelling and sports. He has travelled all over the world and spent time in places such as Australia, Singapore and Kenya. Horse racing is his number one sport and he has previously worked with the Racing Post, a national daily newspaper in the UK and Ireland. He is a qualified tennis coach also and football holds a special place in his heart with his love of Chelsea and FC Utrecht clear to see. His other hobbies include drinking Guinness, going to Irish pubs and learning about new cultures.

Brent Smyth

Brent is so Canadian, even his blood cells are red and white. Although he doesn’t miss being at home even a bit. He loves soaking up the unseen of new surroundings and has no shame when it comes to talking to strangers, making weird videos or telling the worst puns in existence. Back home he works for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Argos as a “hype man”, and he brought that energy to HU.

An award-winning photographer and videographer, his passion is capturing the would-be unseen moments in life. Since starting at HU, he has travelled to 14 countries, although he eventually wants to visit every country and live on every continent, all to spread his signature saying (which has caught on in Utrecht) Fire Me North.

Iñigo Soraluce

Iñigo Soraluze

He was born on the 6th of May of 1997 in a little city in the centre of the Basque Country, in Azpeitia. Being a really Basque place and having Basque education from the very first years of his life gave him a different point of view. His language, his country; he sees everything different from the rest of Spain, or so it seems. In school he has always been a problematic kid, in terms of grades. From very young ages he started having problems with paying attention in class. Even though he was not a problematic kid with behaviour or any other problems that a rebellious kid can have, he gave a hard time to his parents with school. In the Basque Country there are a lot of sports that are really big, especially motorsports. His town is known in a big part of the Basque Country because of its rallying obsession. So, motorsports were very important for him since he was very little. That’s his life, more or less.

Leah Stanfield

Leah Stanfield

Leah is 20-years-old from Wales. One day, she hopes to leave the UK permanently, and travel the world. She can oftentimes be heard singing “Sunny Rhyl”, the anthem she invented of her hometown. She is typically the most joyful in a room, and her contagious laugh brings a smile to all those around her. She is excited for her chance to experience and learn about new cultures in Utrecht, and she may be small, but she casts a large shadow.

Taneli Toikka

Taneli Toikka

Taneli is a 23-year-old journalism student from Finland. He studies at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, and he is currently on his third, and hopefully final, year. Taneli’s field is definitely writing. Since starting his studies, he’s done different things including TV, radio, podcasts and writing, and the latter is the thing he enjoys the most.

Taneli’s hobbies include lots of sports, like football, floorball and gym. But one of them is above everything, his first love, his passion, and that is football. He is a big fan of Arsenal from London, and also FC Utrecht has now a place in his heart as well. He is a regular attendee of games at Stadion Galgenwaard.

Because of his passion, Taneli wants to become a sports reporter someday. He has earned some experience from a couple on Finnish regional newspapers, writing about everything from sports to politics and traffic accidents. His motto is: “One learns something new every day”, and that’s how he thinks about journalism as well.